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Morphology and Stomatal Function of Douglas Fir Needles Exposed to Climate Change: Elevated CO2 and Temperature1
Climate change may have an impact on the productivity of conifer trees by influencing the morphology (size and surface characteristics) and function (capacity for gas exchange) of conifer needles. InExpand
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Ectomycorrhizal communities of Quercus garryana are similar on serpentine and nonserpentine soils
Serpentine soils, rich in iron, magnesium, and heavy metals, select for unique plant communities and for endemic species. Because mycorrhizal fungi mediate the interaction between plants and soil, weExpand
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Diversity of ectomycorrhizas associated with Quercus garryana in southern Oregon
We investigated diversity of ectomycorrhizas associated with Quercus garryana Dougl. ex Hook. (Oregon white oak, or Garry oak) at Whetstone Savanna Preserve in southern Oregon. Based on morphotypingExpand
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Rapid nitrogen transfer from ectomycorrhizal pines to adjacent ectomycorrhizal and arbuscular mycorrhizal plants in a California oak woodland.
Nitrogen transfer among plants in a California oak woodland was examined in a pulse-labeling study using 15N. The study was designed to examine N movement among plants that were mycorrhizal withExpand
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Mycorrhizas on nursery and field seedlings of Quercus garryana
Oak woodland regeneration and restoration requires that seedlings develop mycorrhizas, yet the need for this mutualistic association is often overlooked. In this study, we asked whether QuercusExpand
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A B S T R A C T The sporopollenin of pollen exines of Ambrosia trifida is soluble in fused potassium hydroxide, in strong oxidizing solutions, and in certain organic bases. It is insoluble in otherExpand
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Localization of Nickel in Epidermal Subsidiary Cells of Leaves of Thlaspi montanum var. Siskiyouense (Brassicaceae) Using Energy-Dispersive X-Ray Microanalysis
Thlaspi montanum var. siskiyouense occurs as an endemic on serpentine soils in southwestern Oregon, U.S.A. The leaves accumulate nickel at levels up to 3% dry mass. To determine if nickel wasExpand
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Comparison of flagellated and nonflagellated sperm in plants.
Differences among flagellated and nonflagellated sperm in land plants are striking, but close examination reveals similarities in pattern of cytoskeleton and in nuclear structure. The microtubularExpand
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Comparison of ectomycorrhizas of Quercus garryana (Fagaceae) on serpentine and non-serpentine soils in southwestern Oregon.
The diversity of ectomycorrhizal communities associated with Quercus garryana on and off serpentine soils was compared and related to landscape-level diversity. Serpentine soils are high inExpand
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Freeze-fracture of sperm of Plumbago zeylanica L. in pollen and in vitro
Abstract Sperm of Plumbago zeylanica are dimorphic with regard to numbers of mitochondria and plastids. In most cases examined, the plastid-rich sperm fused with the egg while the sperm with fewerExpand
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