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Some features of field line resonances in the magnetosphere
Abstract Field line resonances in the magnetosphere have received much attention. By using an extremely simplified model we examine the circumstances under which finite disturbance amplitudeExpand
The Cassini Magnetic Field Investigation
The dual technique magnetometer system onboard the Cassini orbiter is described. This instrument consists of vector helium and fluxgate magnetometers with the capability to operate the helium deviceExpand
Discovery of Ganymede's magnetic field by the Galileo spacecraft
THE Galileo spacecraft has now passed close to Jupiter's largest moon—Ganymede—on two occasions, the first at an altitude of 838 km, and the second at an altitude of just 264 km. Here we report theExpand
Warping of Saturn's magnetospheric and magnetotail current sheets
[1] The magnetotails of Jupiter and Earth are known to be hinged so that their orientation is controlled by the magnetic field of the planet at small distances and asymptotically approach theExpand
The screening of micropulsation signals by the atmosphere and ionosphere
A study is made of the screening effect of the atmosphere and ionosphere which lets only part of a micropulsation signal reach the ground. Using four ionospheric models, we find that the previouslyExpand
A survey of dayside flux transfer events observed by ISEE 1 and 2 magnetometers
A survey is made of magnetic flux transfer events (FTE's) observed both exterior and interior to the dayside magnetopause region by the ISEE 1 and 2 spacecraft during the first two years ofExpand
The Cluster mission provides a new opportunity to study plasma processes and structures in the near-Earth plasma environment. Four-point measurements of the magnetic field will enable the analysis ofExpand
Alfven wave resonances in a realistic magnetospheric magnetic field geometry
The notion of magnetic field line resonance has been very effective in explaining many features of long-period geomagnetic pulsations. To date the decoupled transverse wave equations have been solvedExpand
Coupling of global magnetospheric MHD eigenmodes to field line resonances
Many features of the magnetospheric hydromagnetic wave spectrum are fully understood, but a remaining puzzle is why selected field line resonances appear to be excited by a broadband source. In thisExpand
A general approach to low‐frequency instability in the ring current plasma
A very general approach to hydromagnetic instability in a magnetospheric geometry is given. The specific effects of the presence of finite ..beta.. ring current particles and cold particles ofExpand