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Impact mechanisms of granular and viscous flows on rigid and flexible barriers
Structural countermeasures such as rigid and flexible barriers are commonly installed in mountainous regions to intercept mass-wasting processes. Without sufficient and reliable comparable physicalExpand
Flume investigation of landslide granular debris and water runup mechanisms
The heights of rigid debris flow barriers are designed to provide adequate retention and prevent debris from over-spilling. Designers need to predict potential runup height against a vertical wall ...
Computational investigation of baffle configuration on impedance of channelized debris flow
Channelized debris flows surge downslope in mountainous regions and have large impact forces. Arrays of debris flow baffles are frequently positioned in front of rigid barriers to engage torrents andExpand
Influence of debris flow solid fraction on rigid barrier impact
The dynamics of debris flows are fundamentally governed by the interaction between the solid and fluid phases. However, current approaches used to estimate impact load treat debris flow as anExpand
Dry granular flow interaction with dual-barrier systems
Multiple barriers are commonly installed along predicted geophysical flow paths to intercept large flow volumes. The main criterion for multiple-barrier design is volume retained. The velocity of t...
Impulse load characteristics of bouldery debris flow impact
Boulders entrained in debris flows are the main cause of damage to debris-resisting structures. Poly-dispersity leads to grain-size segregation, which causes boulders to migrate to the free surface...
Depositional mechanisms and morphology of debris flow: physical modelling
A comprehensive understanding of the deposition mechanisms and morphology of debris flows is necessary to delineate the extent of a debris flow hazard. However, due to the wide range of debris flowExpand
Geophysical flows impacting a flexible barrier: effects of solid-fluid interaction
Flexible barriers undergo large deformation to extend the impact duration, and thereby reduce the impact load of geophysical flows. The performance of flexible barriers remains a crucial challengeExpand
Influence of inflow discharge and bed erodibility on outburst flood of landslide dam
Accurate prediction of the hydrographs of outburst floods induced by landslide dam overtopping failure is necessary for hazard prevention and mitigation. In this study, flume model tests on theExpand