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Linear confinement and AdS/QCD
In a theory with linear confinement, such as QCD, the masses squared m^2 of mesons with high spin S or high radial excitation number n are expected, from semiclassical arguments, to grow linearlyExpand
QCD and a holographic model of hadrons.
The framework is a holographic version of the QCD sum rules, motivated by the anti-de Sitter/conformal field theory correspondence, and naturally incorporates properties of QCD dictated by chiral symmetry. Expand
Hydrodynamics with triangle anomalies.
It is shown that a hitherto discarded term in the conserved current is not only allowed by symmetries, but is in fact required by triangle anomalies and the second law of thermodynamics, which leads to a number of new effects, one of which is chiral separation in a rotating fluid at nonzero chemical potential. Expand
Toward an AdS/cold atoms correspondence: A Geometric realization of the Schrodinger symmetry
We discuss a realization of the nonrelativistic conformal group (the Schr\"odinger group) as the symmetry of a spacetime. We write down a toy model in which this geometry is a solution to fieldExpand
From AdS/CFT correspondence to hydrodynamics
We compute the correlation functions of R-charge currents and components of the stress-energy tensor in the strongly coupled large-N finite-temperature = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory, followingExpand
Minkowski-space correlators in AdS/CFT correspondence: recipe and applications
We formulate a prescription for computing Minkowski-space correlators from AdS/CFT correspondence. This prescription is shown to give the correct retarded propagators at zero temperature in fourExpand
Relativistic viscous hydrodynamics, conformal invariance, and holography
We consider second-order viscous hydrodynamics in conformal field theories at finite temperature. We show that conformal invariance imposes powerful constraints on the form of the second-orderExpand
Schwinger-Keldysh propagators from AdS/CFT correspondence
We demonstrate how to compute real-time Green's functions for a class of finite temperature field theories from their AdS gravity duals. In particular, we reproduce the 2 ? 2 Schwinger-Keldysh matrixExpand
Shear viscosity of strongly coupled N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills plasma.
Using the anti-de Sitter/conformal field theory correspondence, the shear viscosity eta of the finite-temperature N = 4 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory is related with the absorption cross section of low-energy gravitons by a near-extremal black three-brane and it is shown that in the limit of zero frequency this cross section coincides with the area of the horizon. Expand
Viscosity in strongly interacting quantum field theories from black hole physics.
It is provided evidence that this value of shear viscosity to volume density of entropy may serve as a lower bound for a wide class of systems, thus suggesting that black hole horizons are dual to the most ideal fluids. Expand