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iClay: Digitizing Cuneiform
The Digital Hammurabi Project and the Initiative for Cuneiform Encoding announce success in encoding Sumero-Akkadian cuneiform in Unicode while also demonstrating advances in 3D scanning and visualization of cuniform tablets. Expand
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The Tea Party and the Crisis of Neoliberalism: Mainstreaming New Right Populism in the Corporate News Media
Within months of Barack Obama's election, a putatively grass-roots conservative uprising emerged to challenge the Democratic Party's agenda. In this article, we analyze the role of cable news in theExpand
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Digital preservation of ancient cuneiform tablets using 3D-scanning
Cuneiform is the world's oldest known writing system. Ancient scribes impressed reed styluses onto damp clay to write the approximately 900 different logographic, syllabic and taxographic signs.Expand
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The Capitalist Advertising and Marketing Complex and the US Social Order: A Political-Materialist Analysis
Abstract In this article, we explore the complex interconnections between monopoly power and commercial promotion and explain their role in maintaining the United States (US) social order in theExpand
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The 43rd Nordic Seismology Seminar