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Tropical Frugivorous Birds and Their Food Plants: A World Survey
A survey is presented of the plant families and genera recorded in the diet of frugivorous birds in the four main tropical forest regions (tropical America, Africa, southeast Asia, Australasia), aExpand
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A study of blackbirds
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Feeding niches of hummingbirds in a Trinidad valley
A number of detailed studies of the feeding ecology of tropical hummingbirds have appeared in recent years (e.g. Wolf 1970; Young 1971 ), and field work is in active progress, especially in CentralExpand
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Longevity Records for Some Neotropical Land Birds
on survival rates in the tropics. Snow (1962a) found that male White-bearded Manakins (Manacus manacus) in Trinidad had an annual survival rate of at least 89%. This was based on a group ofExpand
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Birds and berries : a study of an ecological interaction
"...fascinating reading, of great interest to birdwatchers, botanists and gardeners. If the relationships between fruit-eating birds and plants interests you, I recommend this book." --Nick Dymond,Expand
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The Ochre-Bellied Flycatcher and the Evolution of Lek Behavior
The Ochre-bellied Flycatcher (Pipromorpha oleaginea) is an inconspicuous, small forest tyrant-flycatcher, olive green above and ochre-colored below; it lacks the brightly colored crown feathers ofExpand
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SUMMARY In spite of a considerable literature on fruit-eating, the general evolutionary implications of fruit as a source of food for birds have been neglected. A preliminary attempt is made toExpand
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Numerical solutions in axisymmetric elasticity
Abstract Paper presents the formulation of the axisymmetric elasticity problem with thermal and rotational loading using the boundary-integral equation method. The resulting one dimensional numericalExpand
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