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Ionic hydration enthalpies
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An Acidity Scale for Binary Oxides.
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Empirical bond additivity scheme for the calculation of enthalpies of vaporisation of organic liquids
The enthalpy of vaporisation ΔHv° of an organic liquid can be expressed empirically as the sum of additive bond terms from which must be subtracted an amount proportional to the sum of theExpand
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Preferential inhibition by homopolyribonucleotides of the methylation of ribosomal ribonucleic acid and disruption of the production of ribosomes in a rat tumor.
The literature indicates that some mechanism other than the interferon or host-mediated immune enhancement might also be responsible for an antitumor effect of polyinosinate-polycytidylateExpand
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Inhibition of transfer and ribosomal RNA methylases by polyinosinate.
Summary Polyinosinate [poly(1)] inhibited transfer RNA methylases prepared from the cell-soluble fraction and the nucleolar fraction of Novikoff rat hepatoma cells. Polyinosinate-cytidylate duplex,Expand
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Valence, Covalence, Hypervalence, Oxidation State, and Coordination Number
It is argued that the terms valence, covalence, hypervalence, oxidation state, and coordination number are often confused and misused in the literature. It is recommended that use of the termExpand
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Baeyer-Villiger Monooxygenase-Mediated Synthesis of Esomeprazole As an Alternative for Kagan Sulfoxidation.
A wild-type Baeyer-Villiger monooxygenase was engineered to overcome numerous liabilities in order to mediate a commercial oxidation of pyrmetazole to esomeprazole, using air as the terminal oxidantExpand
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A structural, spectroscopic and theoretical study of the triphenylphosphine chalcogenide complexes of tungsten carbonyl, [W(XPPh3)(CO)5], X=O, S, Se
Abstract The series [W(XPPh3)(CO)5], X=O, S, Se has been structurally determined by X-ray crystallography and fully characterised spectroscopically to provide data for comparing the bonding of theExpand
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Group electronegativities from electronegativity equilibration Applications to organic thermochemistry
A simple scheme for electronegativity equilibration (as opposed to equalisation) allows the electronegativity of an atom in a molecule to be expressed as a weighted harmonic mean of the prebondedExpand
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