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Evaluating Value-at-Risk Models via Quantile Regression
This article is concerned with evaluating Value-at-Risk estimates. It is well known that using only binary variables, such as whether or not there was an exception, sacrifices too much information.Expand
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Exercise and Sport Science
Whether your interest is in teaching, coaching, fitness, or management, the Department of Exercise and Sport Science is committed to helping each student achieve his or her maximum potential. EachExpand
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Effects of Auditory Context Cues and Training on Performance of a Point Estimation Sonification Task
SUMMARY Research on auditory graph interpretation has investigated mappings, scalings, and polarities, as well as the addition of some contextual design features like clicks. However, little has beenExpand
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Tick-marks, axes, and labels: The effects of adding context to auditory graphs
As the use of sonification expands, researchers and designers continue to employ techniques for adding context (such as tick marks, axes, or labels) whose benefit remains unquantified. Expand
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A further note on the three phases of the US business cycle
Using a number of alternative approaches, Sichel (1994) demonstrated evidence supporting the notion that the US business cycle is best characterized as having three distinct phases, viz. contraction,Expand
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Analysis of the exponential decay model of the neuron showing frequency threshold effects.
  • B. Roy, D. Smith
  • Mathematics, Medicine
  • The Bulletin of mathematical biophysics
  • 1 June 1969
The exponential decay model of a neuron has been analyzed using the “random walk” approach of stochastic processes and an “absorbing barrier” solution is obtained forg T (s)—the Laplace transform ofExpand
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Inductively coupled plasma magnetic sector mass spectrometry method for stable lead isotope tracer studies
Studies in our laboratory and elsewhere require the analyses of stable lead (Pb) isotopes at sub-ppb levels as tracers of lead metabolism and therapeutic chelation treatment in animal models andExpand
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Business cycle dynamics with duration dependence and leading indicators
Durland and McCurdy [Durland, J.M., McCurdy, T.H., 1994. Duration-dependent transitions in a Markov model of US GNP growth. Journal of Business and Economic Statistics 12, 279–288] investigated theExpand
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Integrating Physical Education, Math, and Physics
T he primary goal of education is to help students gain the knowledge and skills necessary to solve the problems that will occur in life. One of the most touted methods for doing this is curriculumExpand
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