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Lipid digestion and absorption.
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The Physical Chemistry of Lipids
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The physicochemical basis of cholesterol gallstone formation in man.
The concentrations of bile salt, lecithin, and cholesterol were determined on each of 66 samples of gall bladder bile from patients with cholesterol gallstones and 25 samples of normal gall bladderExpand
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Temperature and compositional dependence of the structure of hydrated dimyristoyl lecithin.
Differential scanning calorimetry and x-ray diffraction techniques have been used to investigate the structure and phase behavior of hydrated dimyristoyl lecithin (DML) in the hydration range 7.5 toExpand
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Nature of the Thermal pretransition of synthetic phospholipids: dimyristolyl- and dipalmitoyllecithin.
The hydrated synthetic lecithins, dimyristoyl and dipalmitoyllecithins, undergo two thermal transitions, a broad low enthalpy "pretransition" prior to the sharp first-order "chain-melting"Expand
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The physical chemistry of lipids : from alkanes to phospholipids
Lipids are one of the three major classes of biologically essential organic molecules. They are found in all living organisms and play a critical role in maintaining the integrity of all livingExpand
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Ionization and phase behavior of fatty acids in water: application of the Gibbs phase rule.
The phase behavior of several medium-chain (10- and 12-carbon) and long-chain (18-carbon) fatty acids in water was examined as a function of the ionization state of the carboxyl group. EquilibriumExpand
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The effects of glyceride structure on absorption and metabolism.
  • D. Small
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  • Annual review of nutrition
  • 1991
The subtle effects of the stereochemistry of acyl glycerols are apparent from the cited studies. It is not adequate to simply measure the fatty acid composition of dietary lipids or chylomicronsExpand
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Phase equilibria and structure of dry and hydrated egg lecithin.
  • D. Small
  • Materials Science, Medicine
  • Journal of lipid research
  • 1 November 1967
The behavior of purified egg lecithin in water has been investigated in relation to the quantity of water present and the temperature. The complete binary phase diagram of egg lecithin-water isExpand
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Micelle formation by bile salts. Physical-chemical and thermodynamic considerations.
Bile salts, which are soluble amphiphiles, possess a unique molecular structure when compared with typical detergent molecules. In water, bile salts form small aggregates called micelles. TheExpand
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