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Ocean temperature oscillations enable reappearance of blue mussels Mytilus edulis in Svalbard after a 1000 year absence
We report the first observations of settled blue mussels Mytilus edulis L. in the high Arctic Archipelago of Svalbard for the first time since the Viking Age. A scattered population was discovered atExpand
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Evaluating primary and secondary production in an Arctic Ocean void of summer sea ice: An experimental simulation approach
Abstract The gross primary (GPP) and secondary production in the Arctic Basin, Eurasian shelves and the Barents Sea were investigated through the physically–biologically coupled, 3D SINMOD model withExpand
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Light and productivity of phytoplankton in polar marine ecosystems: a physiological view
This study deals with the modeling of photosynthesis and growth of polar phytoplankton and variations in relevant parameters. Polar regions are characterised by low sun elevations (< 40?50°), extremeExpand
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Climate fluctuations and the spring invasion of the North Sea by Calanus finmarchicus
The population of Calanus finmarchicus in the North Sea is replenished each spring by invasion from an overwintering stock located beyond the shelf edge. A combincation of field observations,Expand
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Modelling the ecosystem dynamics of the Barents Sea including the marginal ice zone: II. Carbon flux and interannual variability
Abstract An upgraded and revised physically–biologically coupled, nested 3D model with 4 km grid size is applied to investigate the seasonal carbon flux and its interannual variability. The model isExpand
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The contiguous domains of Arctic Ocean advection: Trails of life and death
The central Arctic Ocean is not isolated, but tightly connected to the northern Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. Advection of nutrient-, detritus- and plankton-rich waters into the Arctic Ocean formsExpand
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Modelling seasonal growth and composition of the kelp Saccharina latissima
A dynamical model for simulating growth of the brown macroalga Saccharina latissima is described. In addition to wet and dry weights, the model simulates carbon and nitrogen reserves, with variableExpand
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Impact of climatic change on the biological production in the Barents Sea
The Barents Sea is a high latitude ecosystem and is an important nursery and feeding area for commercial fish stocks such as cod, capelin and herring. There is a large inter-annual variability bothExpand
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Giant sandwaves in the Hola glacial trough off Vesterålen, North Norway
Abstract Seabed data acquired from the Hola glacial trough off Vesteralen, North Norway, reveal the morphology of spectacular sandwave fields and large sandwaves in great detail. The sandwave fieldsExpand
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Ecological investigation on the zooplankton community of Balsfjorden, northern Norway
Abstract Seasonal variation in specific amylase and trypsin (i.e. alkaline proteolytic enzymes) in copepodite stage V and adult male and female Calanus finmarchicus is presented. Adult females hadExpand
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