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ZnO nanowire transistors.
ZnO nanowire field-effect transistors (FETs) were fabricated and studied in vacuum and a variety of ambient gases from 5 to 300 K. In air, these n-type nanowire transistors have among the highestExpand
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3D optical printing of piezoelectric nanoparticle-polymer composite materials.
Here we demonstrate that efficient piezoelectric nanoparticle-polymer composite materials can be optically printed into three-dimensional (3D) microstructures using digital projection printing.Expand
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Crystallographic alignment of high-density gallium nitride nanowire arrays
Single-crystalline, one-dimensional semiconductor nanostructures are considered to be one of the critical building blocks for nanoscale optoelectronics1. Elucidation of the vapour–liquid–solid growthExpand
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Nanoribbon Waveguides for Subwavelength Photonics Integration
Although the electrical integration of chemically synthesized nanowires has been achieved with lithography, optical integration, which promises high speeds and greater device versatility, remainsExpand
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Multifunctional Nanowire Evanescent Wave Optical Sensors
Compact, reusable chemical sensors are highly desirable for on-site detection in the field, including the identification of water contaminants, hazardous biochemical compounds, or blood serumExpand
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Semiconductor nanowire ring resonator laser.
Nanowires of the wide band-gap semiconductor gallium nitride (GaN) have been shown to act as room-temperature uv lasers. Recent advances in nanomanipulation have made it possible to modify the shapeExpand
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Optical routing and sensing with nanowire assemblies
  • D. Sirbuly, M. Law, +6 authors P. Yang
  • Medicine, Materials Science
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences…
  • 23 May 2005
The manipulation of photons in structures smaller than the wavelength of light is central to the development of nanoscale integrated photonic systems for computing, communications, and sensing. WeExpand
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Semiconductor nanowires for subwavelength photonics integration.
This article focuses on one-dimensional (1D) semiconductor subwavelength optical elements and assesses their potential use as active and passive components in photonic devices. An updated overview ofExpand
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Plasmonic tuning of aluminum doped zinc oxide nanostructures by atomic layer deposition
Currently there is a strong interest in plasmonic materials operating in the near-infrared (NIR), however, conventional metals such as gold and silver possess high optical losses in this region. InExpand
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