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Poly(epsilon-caprolactone) nanocapsules in carteolol ophthalmic delivery.
In order to increase the ocular absorption of carteolol, this antiglaucomatous drug was incorporated into either nanoparticles (NP) or nanocapsules (NC). The polymer used wasExpand
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[Arterial vascularization of the rectus medialis and lateralis oculi muscles (author's transl)].
The arterial vascularization of the rectus medialis and lateralis oculi muscles was studied in cadaver following the injection of a stable suspension of radiopaque barium sulfate in the internalExpand
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[Arterial supply to the anterior segment of the eye. Radioanatomical study of a series of 25 human eyes].
We studied the arterial vascularization of the anterior segment of 25 cadaver eyes. Arteries had been opacified by an injection of an aqueous suspension of barium. Our study has focused on theExpand
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Moyens d'amélioration de la biodisponibilité pour la voie topique
Les particularites anatomiques, physiologiques et pharmacologiques de l'oeil sont a la base d'un faible temps de residence pre-corneen et d'une faible biodisponibilite de la plupart des collyres. DeExpand
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[Nanocapsules of beta-blocking agents: a new drug carrier in ophthalmology. Application to medical treatment of glaucoma in rabbits].
In order to reduce the lacrimal elimination and to increase the intraocular penetration of betaxolol after ocular administration, we prepared a new drug carrier, polycaprolactone nanocapsules,Expand
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[Systemic effects of ophthalmic solutions].
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[Value of the new drug carriers in ophthalmology: liposomes and nanoparticles].
Cette revue a pour but de presenter sur le plan de leur structure et de leurs caracteristiques physico-chimiques les principaux vecteurs colloidaux de medicaments potentiellement utilisables enExpand
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