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Yiddish and the creation of Soviet Jewish culture, 1918-1930
Introduction 1. Soviet nationalities policies and the making of the Soviet Yiddish Intelligentsia 2. Ideology and Jewish language politics: How Yiddish became the national language of Soviet Jewry 3.Expand
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Yiddish in the Cold War
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Queer is the New Pink: How Queer Jews Moved to the Forefront of Jewish Culture
While queers and Jews have always been part of the cultural landscape, queer Jews have tended to be rather ambivalent about being both queer and Jewish. However, in recent years this connection isExpand
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New Jews: The End of the Jewish Diaspora
For many contemporary Jews, Israel no longer serves as the Promised Land, the center of the Jewish universe and the place of final destination. In "New Jews", Caryn Aviv and David ShneerExpand
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American Queer, Now and Then
Introduction 1. Faggots, Bulldykes, and Fairies, Oh My! 2. Are We Free to Be You and Me? 3. "Why Do They Need Their Own Bars and Neighborhoods?" 4. The Birds and the...Birds 5. Where are Our WhiteExpand
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