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Wavefront and caustics of a plane wave refracted by an arbitrary surface.
A simple expression is given for the k-function associated with the general solution of Stavroudis to the eikonal equation for refraction or reflection of a plane wave from an arbitrary surface.Expand
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Refractive optical systems for irradiance redistribution of collimated radiation: their design and analysis.
A set of differential equations is derived which specifies the shape of two aspherical surfaces of a lens system that will convert an incident plane wave with an arbitrary energy profile intoExpand
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Flux Density for Ray Propagation in Discrete Index Media Expressed in Terms of the Intrinsic Geometry of the Deflecting Surface
An exact, analytical formula for the flux density (energy per unit area per unit time) over an arbitrary receiver surface for rays which have been reflected from or refracted through an arbitraryExpand
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Laser beam shaping profiles and propagation.
We consider four families of functions--the super-Gaussian, flattened Gaussian, Fermi-Dirac, and super-Lorentzian--that have been used to describe flattened irradiance profiles. We determine theExpand
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Geometric optics-based design of laser beam shapers
When diffraction effects are not important, geometrical optics (ray tracing, conservation of energy within a bundle of rays, and the constant optical path length condition) can be used to designExpand
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Simplified formula for the illuminance in an optical system.
A formula is derived for the illuminance at any surface in an optical system. By tracing a single ray one can compute the flux density at the image plane or any other position along the ray. TheExpand
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Flux density for ray propagation in geometrical optics
A general formula is derived that specifies the illumination (flux density) over an arbitrary receiver surface when light rays are reflected by or refracted through a curved surface. The direction ofExpand
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Analytical illuminance and caustic surface calculations in geometrical optics.
  • D. Shealy
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Applied optics
  • 1 October 1976
The analytical illuminance monitoring technique provides an exact expression within the geometrical optics limit for the illuminance over an image surface for light that has passed through aExpand
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Design of gradient-index lens systems for laser beam reshaping.
Refractive systems using two gradient-index lenses have been designed to convert a collimated Gaussian-profile laser beam into a plane wave with a uniform intensity distribution. The axialExpand
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Formula for the density of tangent rays over a caustic surface.
The geometrical flux density (irradiance) is singular over caustic surfaces and, therefore, cannot be used effectively as a measure of the concentration of rays at or near the caustic surfaces. AExpand
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