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Simple Fast Algorithms for the Editing Distance Between Trees and Related Problems
Algorithms are designed to answer the following kinds of questions about trees: what is the distance between two trees, and the analogous question for prunings as for subtrees.
The dangers of replication and a solution
A new two-tier replication algorithm is proposed that allows mobile (disconnected) applications to propose tentative update transactions that are later applied to a master copy, to avoid the instability of other replication schemes.
A Gene Expression Map of the Arabidopsis Root
Localization of expression of more than 22,000 genes in the Arabidopsis root correlates groups of genes to specific cell fates and should serve to guide reverse genetics.
Secure Untrusted Data Repository (SUNDR)
SUNDR's protocol achieves a property called fork consistency, which guarantees that clients can detect any integrity or consistency failures as long as they see each other's file modifications.
StatStream: Statistical Monitoring of Thousands of Data Streams in Real Time
This chapter solves the problem of maintaining multistream and time-delayed statistics in a scalable way that gives a guaranteed response time with high accuracy and Experiments conducted using synthetic and real data show that StatStream detects correlations efficiently and precisely.
Filtering algorithms and implementation for very fast publish/subscribe systems
An attempt at the construction of novel data structures and implementations that enable the creation of more scalable, high performance publish/subscribe systems is described.
Efficient and correct execution of parallel programs that share memory
The analysis finds a minimal set of delays that enforces sequential consistency in the execution of parallel programs on shared-memory multiple-instruction-stream, multiple-data-stream (MIMD) computers and uses a conflict graph similar to that used to schedule transactions in distributed databases to do without locks.
Making snapshot isolation serializable
A theory is developed that characterizes when nonserializable executions of applications can occur under Snapshot Isolation, and it is applied to demonstrate that the TPC-C benchmark application has no serialization anomalies under SI, and how this demonstration can be generalized to other applications.
Skip-Over: algorithms and complexity for overloaded systems that allow skips
  • G. Koren, D. Shasha
  • Computer Science
    Proceedings 16th IEEE Real-Time Systems Symposium
  • 5 December 1995
It is shown that making optimal use of skips is NP-hard, and two algorithms called Skip-Over Algorithms (one a variant of earliest deadline first and one of rate monotonic scheduling) that exploit skips are looked at.
VirtualPlant: A Software Platform to Support Systems Biology Research1[W][OA]
Data generation is no longer the limiting factor in advancing biological research. In addition, data integration, analysis, and interpretation have become key bottlenecks and challenges that