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Maximizing cross-functional new product teams' innovativeness and constraint adherence: A conflict communications perspective.
Increasing competition resulting from the global and technological nature of markets has heightened the need for businesses to rely on cross-functional new product teams to produce innovations in a...
Culture and procedural justice: The influence of power distance on reactions to voice.
Abstract A central premise of the procedural justice literature—based on studies conducted mainly in the United States—is that people react unfavorably when they have little voice in aExpand
Betrayal of Trust in Organizations
Examples of violations or betrayals of trust in organizations abound. Despite growing concern in organizations, relatively little theory exists regarding the dynamics of trust violations from theExpand
Managing the Message: The Effects of Firm Actions and Industry Spillovers on Media Coverage Following Wrongdoing
We contribute to research on the management of social perceptions by considering the relative effectiveness of a firm's technical and ceremonial actions in managing media coverage after its own or ...
Introduction to special topic forum: The future of work motivation theory.
The topic of employee motivation plays a central role in the field of management—both practically and theoretically. Managers see motivation as an integral part of the performance equation at allExpand
Interactional fairness judgments: The influence of causal accounts
There has been an increasing amount of research conducted on issues of procedural justice. Although this research has demonstrated that the type of procedure used to allocate outcomes has anExpand
The Future of Work Motivation Theory
The topic of employee motivation plays a cen tral role in the field of management?both prac tically and theoretically. Managers see motiva tion as an integral part of the performance equation at allExpand
The impact of cultural values on job satisfaction and organizational commitment in self-managing work teams: The mediating role of employee resistance.
Using a field survey of 461 self-managing work team members in four countries, we examined: (1) whether employee resistance to such teams mediated the relationships between employee cultural valuesExpand
Voice and justification: Their influence on procedural fairness judgments.
The article discusses a study which examines whether voice and justification affect unfavorable decisions in job recruitment and budget decision-making. A discussion is presented about the influenc...