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The role of awareness in Pavlovian conditioning: empirical evidence and theoretical implications.
The bulk of the evidence is consistent with the position that awareness is necessary but not sufficient for conditioned performance, although studies suggestive of conditioning without awareness are identified as worthy of further investigation.
Forward and Backward Blocking in Human Contingency Judgement
Three experiments investigated whether a process akin to Kamin's (1969) blocking effect would occur with human contingency judgements in the context of a video game. Subjects were presented with sets
The Psychology of Associative Learning
The rational analysis of learning based on prototype abstraction and instance memorisation shows that connectionism and learning are driven by the same underlying assumptions as rule induction.
Is Human Learning Rational?
  • D. Shanks
  • Psychology
    The Quarterly journal of experimental psychology…
  • 1 May 1995
It is argued that accurate judgements are an emergent property of an associationist learning process of the sort that has become common in adaptive network models of cognition and is the “means” to a normative or statistical “end”.
Take the best or look at the rest? Factors influencing "one-reason" decision making.
Results indicated TTB use to be more prevalent when the cost of information was high, when validities of the cues were known, and when a deterministic environment was used, but large individual variability in strategy use was observed as well as a significant proportion of behavior inconsistent with TTB.
Two experiments examined the contributions of feature- and rule-based knowledge in a human associative learning task. Participants were presented with concurrent negative (A --> O, B --> O, AB --> no
Judgement of Act-Outcome Contingency: The Role of Selective Attribution
In the first experiment subjects were presented with a number of sets of trials on each of which they could perform a particular action and observe the occurrence of an outcome in the context of a