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Mutations in corn (Zea mays L.) conferring resistance to imidazolinone herbicides
SummaryThree corn (Zea mays L.) lines resistant to imidazolinone herbicides were developed by in vitro selection and plant regeneration. For all three lines, resistance is inherited as a singleExpand
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Assessment of soft tissue facial asymmetry in medically normal and syndrome-affected individuals by analysis of landmarks and measurements.
We investigated soft tissue facial asymmetry in normal and syndrome-affected individuals ranging in age from 1 year to adulthood. The purposes of our study were to determine if facial asymmetry wasExpand
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Technical note: Different techniques, different results--a comparison of photogrammetric and caliper-derived measurements.
The primary goal of our study was to compare photogrammetric measurements with caliper-derived measurements. We also looked at the difference between caliper-derived measurements that were taken withExpand
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Facial measurements in clinical genetics: How important are the instruments we use?
Prompted by our finding that a popular compendium of clinical measurements often suggests a transparent ruler as a suitable substitute for anthropometric calipers (which were typically used by theExpand
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Soft tissue facial resemblance in families and syndrome-affected individuals.
We investigated soft tissue facial resemblance among relatives with or without syndromes and among related and unrelated individuals diagnosed with the same syndrome. Using correlation coefficients,Expand
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Minimizing Mobile Ion Damage during the Ash Process
It is generally accepted that mobile ion contamination and the subsequent device damage is a function of the amount of positively charged ions in the ash gas. As device dimensions shrink and gateExpand