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Diachronic Changes in Jazz Harmony: A Cognitive Perspective
The present study examines both gradual and rapid changes occurring in 20th-century jazz harmonic practice. A newly-assembled corpus of 1,086 jazz compositions was used to test the idea that jazzExpand
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Eyebrow movements and vocal pitch height: evidence consistent with an ethological signal.
  • D. Huron, D. Shanahan
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America
  • 6 May 2013
When asked to sing a high pitch, people produce a facial expression that is judged more friendly compared with singing a low pitch [Huron et al. (2009). Empirical Musicology Rev. 4(3), 93-100]. ThisExpand
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The de Broglie Wave as Evidence of a Deeper Wave Structure
It is argued that the de Broglie wave is not the independent wave usually supposed, but the relativistically induced modulation of an underlying carrier wave that moves with the velocity of theExpand
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Reality and the Probability Wave
Effects associated in quantum mechanics with a divisible probability wave are explained as physically real consequences of the equal but opposite reaction of the apparatus as a particle is measured.Expand
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A New View of Language, Emotion and the Brain
  • D. Shanahan
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Integrative psychological & behavioral science
  • 15 January 2008
Linguistic theory since the Cognitive Revolution has followed one of the premises of that revolution by largely sidelining the issue of emotions and concentrating on those aspects of language thatExpand
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Interval Size and Phrase Position: A Comparison between German and Chinese Folksongs
It is well known that the pitch of the voice tends to decline over the course of a spoken utterance. Expand
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’ s response to reviews Title : Simple decision tree tool to facilitate author identification of reporting guidelines during submission : a before-after study
l. 8 suggest splitting into 2 sentences ...had ('before'). After 6 weeks ... Thanks, I’ve made this change. l.34: I do not believe your end statement "majority of authors failed to correctly identifyExpand
Quantum Mechanics for Cats
Schrodinger cat" states are explained in a manner consistent with local realism. It is assumed that the particle is some physically real state at all times, albeit that this state may change as theExpand
The Other de Broglie Wave
In his famous doctoral dissertation, de Broglie assumed that a massive particle is surrounded in its rest frame by a standing wave. He argued that as observed from another inertial frame this waveExpand
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On the Role of Semitone Intervals in Melodic Organization : Yearning vs . Baby Steps
A corpus study of 15,000 melodies was carried out to test various conjectures arising from the purported tending or yearning quality of the semitone interval. Several hypotheses were tested,Expand