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YFCC100M: the new data in multimedia research
This publicly available curated dataset of almost 100 million photos and videos is free and legal for all.
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Image retrieval using scene graphs
This paper develops a novel framework for semantic image retrieval based on the notion of a scene graph. Our scene graphs represent objects (“man”, “boat”), attributes of objects (“boat is white”)Expand
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Tweet the debates: understanding community annotation of uncollected sources
We investigate the practice of sharing short messages (microblogging) around live media events. Our focus is on Twitter and its usage during the 2008 Presidential Debates. We find that analysis ofExpand
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The New Data and New Challenges in Multimedia Research
We present the Yahoo Flickr Creative Commons 100 Million Dataset (YFCC100M), the largest public multimedia collection that has ever been released. The dataset contains a total of 100 million mediaExpand
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Characterizing debate performance via aggregated twitter sentiment
Television broadcasters are beginning to combine social micro-blogging systems such as Twitter with television to create social video experiences around events. We looked at one such event, the firstExpand
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Faces engage us: photos with faces attract more likes and comments on Instagram
Photos are becoming prominent means of communication online. Despite photos' pervasive presence in social media and online world, we know little about how people interact and engage with theirExpand
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Peaks and persistence: modeling the shape of microblog conversations
A microblogged stream is delivered over time, providing an ongoing commentary of topics, trends, and issues. In this article, we present two methods of finding temporal topics within these TwitterExpand
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Money talks: tracking personal finances
How do people keep track of their money? In this paper we present a preliminary scoping study of how 14 individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area earn, save, spend and understand money and theirExpand
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Watch what I watch: using community activity to understand content
This paper presents a high-level overview of Yahoo Research Berkeley's approach to multimedia research and the ideas motivating it. This approach is characterized primarily by a shift away fromExpand
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Why We Filter Our Photos and How It Impacts Engagement
A variety of simple graphical filters are available to camera phone users to enhance their photos on the fly; these filters often stylize, saturate or age a photo. In this paper, we present aExpand
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