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Effect of degree, type, and position of unsaturation on the pKa of long-chain fatty acids.
Titration of a series of C(18) fatty acids yields pK(a) values that decrease with an increasing degree of unsaturation in the fatty acid chain. The pK(a) values of stearic, elaidic, oleic, linoleic,Expand
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On the measurement of critical micelle concentrations of pure and technical-grade nonionic surfactants
The critical micelle concentrations (CMC) of nine commercial nonionic surfactants (Tween 20, 22, 40, 60, and 80; Triton X-100; Brij 35, 58, and 78) and two pure nonionics [C12(EO)5 and C12(EO)8] wereExpand
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Improved drug delivery using microemulsions: rationale, recent progress, and new horizons.
Microemulsions are excellent candidates as potential drug delivery systems because of their improved drug solubilization, long shelf life, and ease of preparation and administration. The formulationExpand
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Effect of Premicellar Aggregation on the pKa of Fatty Acid Soap Solutions
Associative interactions of the various species found in the premicellar concentration region of aqueous fatty acid solutions have been investigated using acid−base titration. In previous studies,Expand
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Kinetics of micellization: its significance to technological processes
The association of many classes of surface active molecules into micellar aggregates is a well-known phenomenon. Micelles are often drawn as static structures of spherical aggregates of orientedExpand
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A correlation of foam stability with surface shear viscosity and area per molecule in mixed surfactant systems
SummaryAqueous solutions of sodium dodecyl sulfate yield very unstable foam with a very high rate of drainage because they exhibit a relatively low surface shear viscosity. When a solubilizate, suchExpand
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Importance of micellar kinetics in relation to technological processes.
The association of many classes of surface-active molecules into micellar aggregates is a well-known phenomenon. Micelles are in dynamic equilibrium, constantly disintegrating and reforming. ThisExpand
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Effects of chaotropic and antichaotropic agents on elution of poliovirus adsorbed on membrane filters.
The association of poliovirus with membrane filters results from both electrostatic and hydrophobic interactions. At low pH, electrostatic interactions appear to dominate. However, at high pH,Expand
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Effects of the molecular structure of the interface and continuous phase on solubilization of water in water/oil microemulsions
micellar solutions: one may be controlled by a chemorheological process involving actual breakdown and reformation of the entanglement network, presumably by scission and re-formation of theExpand
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