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Static Local Field Factor for Dielectric Screening Function of Electron Gas at Metallic and Lower Densities
A simple parametric form for the static local field factor G(q) which appears in the dielectric screening theory of an electron gas is proposed. A very accurate fit of Ceperley–Alder data of electron
Spin-S Kitaev model: Classical ground states, order from disorder, and exact correlation functions
In the first part of this paper, we study the spin-S Kitaev model using spin-wave theory. We discover a remarkable geometry of the minimum-energy surface in the N-spin space. The classical ground
Quantum Phase Transitions in Transverse Field Spin Models: From Statistical Physics to Quantum Information
The transverse field Ising and XY models (the simplest quantum spin models) provide the organising principle for the rich variety of interconnected subjects which are covered in this book. From a
Density-Functional Theory of the Fractional Quantum Hall Effect.
The quantitative validity of this approach is demonstrated by evaluating the density profile of fractional Hall edge as a function of temperature and the distance from the delta dopant layer and showing that it reproduces edge reconstruction in the expected parameter region.
Quantization of the Derivative Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation
We study the quantum mechanics of the derivative nonlinear Schrodinger equation which has appeared in many areas of physics and is known to be classically integrable. We find that the N-body quantum
Floquet generation of Majorana end modes and topological invariants
We show how Majorana end modes can be generated in a one-dimensional system by varying some of the parameters in the Hamiltonian periodically in time. The specific model we consider is a chain
Majorana fermions in superconducting 1D systems having periodic, quasiperiodic, and disordered potentials.
A topological invariant derived from the equations of motion for Majorana modes is defined and employed to characterize the phase diagram for simple periodic structures and its general result is a relation between the normal state localization length.
Defect production in nonlinear quench across a quantum critical point.
These scaling laws constitute the first theoretical results for defect production in nonlinear quenches across quantum critical points and reproduce their well-known counterpart for a linear quench (alpha=1) as a special case.
Granular topological insulators.
It is demonstrated experimentally that a macroscopic topological insulator (TI) phase can emerge in a granular conductor composed of an assembly of tunnel coupled TI nanocrystals, making granular/nanocrystalline TIs an attractive platform for future TI research.