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Nanoscale magnetic materials and applications
Spin Dynamics: Fast Switching of Macro-spins.- Core-Shell Magnetic Nanoclusters.- Designed Magnetic Nanostructures.- Superconductivity and Magnetism in Silicon and Germanium Clathrates.- NeutronExpand
Structure and magnetic properties of ferromagnetic nanowires in self-assembled arrays
Static and dynamic aspects of the magnetization reversal in nanowire arrays are investigated. The arrays have been produced by electrodeposition of ferromagnetic metals (Fe, Co, and Ni) into porousExpand
Structural and magnetic properties of FePt:SiO2 granular thin films
Nanocomposite FePt:SiO2 films have been fabricated by annealing the as-deposited FePt/SiO2 multilayers at temperatures from 450 to 650 °C. These films consist of high-anisotropy tetragonal L10 FePtExpand
High energy products in rapidly annealed nanoscale Fe/Pt multilayers
Magnetic properties of nanocomposite Fe–Pt films with Fe concentration higher than 50 at % have been investigated in this study. Fe/Pt multilayers were produced by sputtering and magnetic hardeningExpand
Anisotropic Sm-(Co,Fe) nanoparticles by surfactant-assisted ball milling
Magnetically hard Sm2(Co0.8Fe0.2)17 and SmCo5 nanoparticles have been produced by using surfactant-assisted low- and high-energy ball milling techniques. Surfactants prevent the rewelding of theExpand
Magnetic properties of Ni nanowires in self-assembled arrays
Magnetic properties of Ni nanowires electrodeposited into self-assembled porous alumina arrays have been investigated. By anodizing aluminum in sulfuric acid and immersing the as-anodized templateExpand
Magnetic localization in transition-metal nanowires
Magnetization reversal in transition-metal nanowires is investigated. Model calculations explain why magnetization reversal is localized, as opposed to the sometimes assumed delocalizedExpand
Nanostructure and magnetic properties of highly (001) oriented L10 (Fe49Pt51)1−xCux films
We report on nonepitaxially grown L10 Cu-alloyed FePt thin films with strong (001) texture. The FePt films with different Cu contents were deposited directly on Si wafers with a Fe49Pt51∕CuExpand