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Laser cooling of solids to cryogenic temperatures
Laser radiation has been used to cool matter ranging from dilute gases to micromechanical oscillators. In Doppler cooling of gases, the translational energy of atoms is lowered through interactionExpand
Laser cooling in solids: advances and prospects.
This review discusses the progress and ongoing efforts in optical refrigeration. Optical refrigeration is a process in which phonons are removed from a solid by anti-Stokes fluorescence. The reviewExpand
Resonant cavity-enhanced absorption for optical refrigeration
A 20-fold increase over the single path optical absorption is demonstrated with a low loss medium placed in a resonant cavity. This is applied to laser cooling of ytterbium-doped fluorozirconateExpand
Optical refrigeration to 119 K, below National Institute of Standards and Technology cryogenic temperature.
We report on bulk optical refrigeration of Yb:YLF crystal to a temperature of ~124 K, starting from the ambient. This is achieved by pumping the E4-E5 Stark multiplet transition at ~1020 nm. A lowerExpand
Efficient terahertz emission from InAs nanowires
Abstract : We observe intense pulses of far-infrared electromagnetic radiation emitted from arrays of InAs nanowires. The terahertz radiation power efficiency of these structures is 15 times higherExpand
Local laser cooling of Yb:YLF to 110 K.
Minimum achievable temperature of ~110 K is measured in a 5% doped Yb:YLF crystal at λ = 1020 nm, corresponding to E4-E5 resonance of Stark manifold. This measurement is in excellent agreement withExpand
Fast differential luminescence thermometry
Differential luminescence thermometry (DLT) allows non-contact method of measuring temperature by timedifferencing luminescence spectra emitted from the material in study. Here, we present aExpand
Laser cooling of a semiconductor load to 165 K
We demonstrate cooling of a 2 micron thick GaAs/InGaP double-heterostructure to 165 K by means of an optical refrigerator. Cooler is comprised of Yb3+-doped YLF crystal, pumped by 9 Watt near E4-E5Expand
Ultrabroadband out-of-loop characterization of the carrier-envelope phase noise of an offset-free Er:fiber frequency comb.
Recent demonstrations of passively phase-locked fiber-based combs motivate broadband characterization of the noise associated with the stabilized carrier-envelope offset frequency. In our study, weExpand
Demonstration of an optical cryocooler
We present the first observation of cryogenic operation in an all-solid-state refrigerator. A temperature drop of ~150 K is demonstrated in a 0.2 cm3 rare-earth doped fluoride crystal (Yb:YLF) usingExpand