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Strategizing: The challenges of a practice perspective
While the strategy-as-practice research agenda has gained considerable momentum over the past five years, many challenges still remain in developing it into a robust field of research. In thisExpand
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What is Strategy-as-Practice ?
Strategic reversals are quite commonly failures of execution. In many cases, a strategy is abandoned out of impatience or because of pressure for an instant payoff before it has had a chance to takeExpand
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The Structure and Significance of Strategic Episodes: Social Systems Theory and the Routine Practices of Strategic Change
In this paper we draw on Niklas Luhmann's social systems theory, and in particular his concept of an 'episode', to guide research into strategic practice and its relationship to the operatingExpand
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The Role of Meetings in the Social Practice of Strategy
This article addresses the recent turn in strategy research to practice-based theorizing. Based on a data set of 51 meeting observations, the article examines how strategy meetings are involved inExpand
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Managing Legitimacy in Complex and Heterogeneous Environments: Sustainable Development in a Globalized World
The sustainability problems of the production, distribution, and consumption of goods and services increasingly challenges the legitimacy of corporations. Corporate legitimacy, however, is vital toExpand
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The Three Schools of CCO Thinking
The idea of the communicative constitution of organizations (CCO) has gained considerable attention in organizational communication studies. This rather heterogeneous theoretical endeavor is drivenExpand
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Organizations as Distinction Generating and Processing Systems: Niklas Luhmann’s Contribution to Organization Studies
Niklas Luhmann’s theory of social systems has been widely influential in the German-speaking countries in the past few decades. However, despite its significance, particularly for organizationExpand
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General Strategy Concepts and the Ecology of Strategy Discourses: A Systemic-Discursive Perspective
Drawing on Wittgenstein, Lyotard and Luhmann the article develops a systemic-discursive perspective on the field of strategy and the respective role of general strategy concepts. The perspectiveExpand
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Enlarging the Strategy-as-Practice Research Agenda: Towards Taller and Flatter Ontologies
Taking perspectives from papers published previously in Organization Studies, we argue for progress in strategy-as-practice research through more effective linking of ‘local’ strategizing activityExpand
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Open Strategy: Dimensions, Dilemmas, Dynamics
Responding to increasing practitioner and academic interest in Open Strategy, this article builds on recent theoretical and empirical studies in order to advance research in the following ways. WeExpand
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