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Peptide Folding: When Simulation Meets Experiment
Mol. dynamics simulation studies on the folding of beta-peptides H-beta3-HVal-beta3-HAla-beta3-HLeu-(S,S)-beta3-HAla(alphaMe)-beta3-HVal-beta3-HAla-beta3-HLeu-OH andExpand
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Bull. Soc. Chim. Fr.
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Reversible peptide folding in solution by molecular dynamics simulation.
Long-standing questions on how peptides fold are addressed by the simulation at different temperatures of the reversible folding of a peptide in solution in atomic detail. Molecular dynamicsExpand
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The world of beta- and gamma-peptides comprised of homologated proteinogenic amino acids and other components.
The origins of our nearly ten-year research program of chemical and biological investigations into peptides based on homologated proteinogenic amino acids are described. The road from the biopolymerExpand
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Organic Synthesis—Where now?
This review article is an attempt to sketch the important developments in organic synthesis during the past 25 years, and to project them into the future.—The primary motivations that once inducedExpand
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'100 years of peptide synthesis': ligation methods for peptide and protein synthesis with applications to beta-peptide assemblies.
A brief survey of the history of peptide chemistry from Theodore Curtius to Emil Fischer to Bruce Merrifield is first presented. The discovery and development of peptide ligation, i.e. of actualExpand
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Proof for a nonproteinaceous calcium-selective channel in Escherichia coli by total synthesis from (R)-3-hydroxybutanoic acid and inorganic polyphosphate.
Traditionally, the structure and properties of natural products have been determined by total synthesis and comparison with authentic samples. We have now applied this procedure to the firstExpand
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The beta-peptide hairpin in solution: conformational study of a beta-hexapeptide in methanol by NMR spectroscopy and MD simulation.
The structural and thermodynamic properties of a 6-residue beta-peptide that was designed to form a hairpin conformation have been studied by NMR spectroscopy and MD simulation in methanol solution.Expand
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Detection, synthesis, structure, and function of oligo(3-hydroxyalkanoates): contributions by synthetic organic chemists.
Two types of the biological macromolecules poly(R-3-hydroxyalkanoates) have been identified: the high-molecular-weight microbial storage material (sPHA) and a short-chain variety, consisting ofExpand
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Syntheses, Receptor Bindings, in vitro and in vivo Stabilities and Biodistributions of DOTA‐Neurotensin(8–13) Derivatives Containing β‐Amino Acid Residues – A Lesson about the Importance of Animal
Neurotensin(8–13) (NTS(8–13)) analogs with C‐ and/or N‐terminal β‐amino acid residues and three DOTA derivatives thereof have been synthesized (i.e., 1–6). A virtual docking experiment showed almostExpand
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