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Chronostratigraphy and environment of Furnas Formation by trace fossil analysis: Calibrating the lower Paleozoic Gondwana realm in the Parana Basin (Brazil)
Abstract Ichnology is an important tool for facies and sequence stratigraphic analysis, typically yielding greater resolution than that provided by body fossils. Less commonly, ichnofossils also canExpand
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Caracterização da fauna de moscas-das-frutas (Diptera: Tephritidae) na região de Ponta Grossa, Paraná, Brasil
In spite of encouragement and investment in fruit production in the state of Parana, little information is available on the fruit flies, a major pest in fruit growing. The present study had theExpand
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Ichnology applied to sequence stratigraphic analysis of Siluro-Devonian mud-dominated shelf deposits, Paraná Basin, Brazil
Abstract Previous studies of the Parana Supersequence (Furnas and Ponta Grossa formations) of the Parana Basin in southern Brazil have yielded disparate sequence stratigraphic interpretations. AnExpand
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An integrative ichnological and taphonomic approach in a transgressive–regressive cycle: a case study from Devonian of Paraná Basin, Brazil
The palaeoenvironmental context of a section of the Devonian Ponta Grossa Formation (Parana Basin) was examined using an integrated ichnological and taphonomic approach. Three taphofacies (T-A, T-BExpand
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Storm-related taphofacies and paleoenvironments of Malvinokaffric assemblages from the Lower/Middle Devonian in southwestern Gondwana
Abstract Taphofacies of Malvinokaffric macroinvertebrate-bearing rocks from the uppermost Pragian to lower Givetian in southwestern Gondwana are evaluated. During the Lower/Middle Devonian, theExpand
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Paleoicnologia do Siluro-Devoniano do estado do Paraná e a obra de John Mason Clarke. DOI: 10.5212/TerraPlural.v.7iEspecial.0005
As camadas do Siluro-Devoniano paranaense sao ricas em icnofosseis e  muito se estudou sobre o tema desde a obra pioneira de John Mason Clarke, em 1913.  Este trabalho apresenta um historico dosExpand
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Análise estratigráfica e tafonômica da sequência Neopraguiana - Eoemsiana do setor nordeste do sítio urbano de Ponta Grossa, Paraná, Brasil. DOI: 10.5212/TerraPlural.v.7iEspecial.0010
O estudo tafonomico desenvolvido nas secoes estratigraficas de superficie denominadas Cescage e Curva II forneceu dados que, em conjunto com as demais secoes correlacionadas (Francelina, Campus UEPG,Expand
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Tracking Silurian-Devonian events and paleobathymetric curves by ichnologic and taphonomic analyzes in the southwestern Gondwana
Abstract Trace fossils have been used worldwide to access paleoecologic data in sedimentary sections. In Parana Basin (southern Brazil), trace fossils are stratigraphically well distributed; however,Expand