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The impact of good governance on development and poverty in Africa: Botswana - A relatively successful African initiative
Botswana was one of the poorest countries in Africa when it obtained independence in 1966. Owing to the desolation that prevailed at the time, Botswana was considered a hopeless case. This articleExpand
The critical role of leadership in Botswana’s development: What lessons?
Many countries, particularly in Africa, have failed to realize development largely because they suffer from a ‘leadership deficit’. Evidence across the African continent shows that even countriesExpand
The Elite as a Critical Factor in National Development : The case of Botswana
The Discussion Paper provides insightful explanations for Botswana’s emergence as one of Africa’s developmental success stories. It underscores the role of the ruling elite coalition in shaping theExpand
Pitfalls of parliamentary democracy in Botswana
Botswana's multiparty democracy has been portrayed by various scholars (within and beyond) as a shining example of a living democracy in Africa, yet it has a number of pitfalls that make one toExpand
Managing Resources and the Democratic Order: The Experience of Botswana
Africa is a potentially rich continent that remains one of the poorest in the world. For most African countries, an abundance of resources has not only contributed to underdevelopment but hasExpand
Towards understanding Botswana and South Africa’s ambivalence to liberal democracy
ABSTRACT Despite their recognised democratic successes, Botswana and South Africa have had ambivalent experiences with liberal democracy. It is contended that they fall somewhere in-between whatExpand
Corruption and its control in Botswana
Botswana is widely perceived as a successful, working democracy in Africa. What is striking about Botswana is that one party dominance over the past 36 years has not led to a proliferation ofExpand
Electoral competition in Botswana - is the playing field level?
The central thesis of this article is that the electoral process in Botswana belies the oft-cited claim that the country is a haven of democracy. Botswana has held ten successive elections sinceExpand
What Has Made Political Institutions in Botswana and Mauritius Tick
Botswana and Mauritius are among the select few countries in Africa that are notable for successfully fostering development. That there is a consensus regarding Botswana and Mauritius asExpand