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Factors affecting ERP system adoption: A comparative analysis between SMEs and large companies
The analysis of the empirical data shows that business complexity is a weak predictor of ERP adoption, whereas just company size turns out to be a very good one, and companies seem to be disregarding ERP systems as an answer to their business complexity.
ReSP: A Nonintrusive Transaction-Level Reflective MPSoC Simulation Platform for Design Space Exploration
Reflective simulation platform (ReSP) exploits the concept of reflection, enabling the integration of SystemC components without source-code modifications and providing full observability of their internal state, enabling complete design space exploration.
Asymptotic zero-transition activity encoding for address busses in low-power microprocessor-based systems
Analytical and experimental analyses are presented showing the improved performance of the encoding scheme when compared to both binary and Gray addressing schemes, the latter being widely accepted as the most efficient method for address bus encoding.
An instruction-level energy model for embedded VLIW architectures
In this paper, an instruction-level energy model is proposed for the data-path of very long instruction word (VLIW) pipelined processors that can be used to provide accurate power consumption
Ant Colony Heuristic for Mapping and Scheduling Tasks and Communications on Heterogeneous Embedded Systems
This paper proposes an ant colony optimization (ACO) heuristic that, given a model of the target architecture and the application, efficiently executes both scheduling and mapping to optimize the application performance.
Implicit test generation for behavioral VHDL models
The paper will experimentally show that the test patterns generated at the behavioral level provide a very high stuck-at fault coverage when applied to different gate-level implementations of the given VHDL behavioral specification.
BlueSentinel: a first approach using iBeacon for an energy efficient occupancy detection system
This work presents BLUE-SENTINEL, an accurate and power efficient method to identify the occupants of each room of a smart building using mobile devices as source of information by exploiting iBeacon, a very recent low-power technology proposed by Apple.
Internal and External Bitstream Relocation for Partial Dynamic Reconfiguration
This paper proposes a relocation filter that can be implemented both as a hardware and a software component, and can be customized to meet all the different constraints associated with these different target architectures.
Address bus encoding techniques for system-level power optimization
This paper presents innovative encoding techniques suitable for minimizing the switching activity of system-level address buses, and targets the reduction of the average number of bus line transitions per clock cycle.
Placement and Floorplanning in Dynamically Reconfigurable FPGAs
A complete partitioning and floorplanning algorithm tailored for reconfigurable architectures deployable on FPGAs and considering communication infrastructure feasibility is described and named floorplacer in order to underline the great differences with respect to traditional floorplanners.