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Scale Dependency of Hydraulic Conductivity in Heterogeneous Media
Various types of sediments and rocks were analyzed for the relationship between hydraulic conductivity (K) and scale of measurement No variations of K with scale were observed for homogeneous mediaExpand
A two-tiered approach to assessing the habitability of exoplanets.
A two-tiered classification scheme of exoplanet habitability and a Planetary Habitability Index (PHI), designed to minimize the biased search for life as the authors know it and to take into account life that might exist under more exotic conditions. Expand
Longitudinal dispersivity data and implications for scaling behavior.
The relationship that empirically best described the dispersivity data in regard to scale of measurement was in the form of a power law, and no clear evidence exists for the presence of an upper bound or asymptotic behavior on the relationship for any of the analyzed media. Expand
Exploration of hydrothermal targets on Mars
Based on various lines of geologic, geomorphic, topographic, geophysical, spectral, and elemental evidence, we conclude that hydrothermal environments have certainly existed on Mars and are likely toExpand
Limnology of Pavilion Lake, B. C., Canada - characterization of a microbialite forming environment.
The objectives of this study are two-fold: (1) to describe and quantify the seasonal physical and chemical limnological properties of Pavilion Lake, a microbialite-rich lake in British Columbia,Expand
Optimizing the detection of carotene in cyanobacteria in a martian regolith analogue with a Raman spectrometer for the ExoMars mission
Abstract The Raman Laser Spectrometer (RLS) onboard ExoMars 2018 will perform measurements on Mars to identify organic compounds and mineral products as an indication of former and recent biologicalExpand
Supercritical Carbon Dioxide and Its Potential as a Life-Sustaining Solvent in a Planetary Environment
Supercritical fluids have different properties compared to regular fluids and could play a role as life-sustaining solvents on other worlds. Even on Earth, some bacterial species have been shown toExpand
Microbial life in a liquid asphalt desert.
The microbial diversity at Pitch Lake was found to be unique when compared to microbial communities analyzed at other hydrocarbon-rich environments, which included Rancho Le Brea, a natural asphalt environment in California, USA, and an oil well and a mud volcano in Trinidad and Tobago, among other sites. Expand
Life in the Universe: Expectations and Constraints
Definition of Life.- Origin of Life.- Lessons from the History of Life on Earth.- Energy Sources and Life.- Building Blocks of Life.- Life and the Need for a Solvent.- Habitats of Life.- Ideas ofExpand
Microbial survival rates of Escherichia coli and Deinococcus radiodurans under low temperature, low pressure, and UV-Irradiation conditions, and their relevance to possible Martian life.
The results indicate that planetary surfaces that possess little to no atmosphere and have low water availability do not constitute a favorable environment for terrestrial microorganisms. Expand