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The prevalence of chronic pain in Canada.
A consensus is developing that there is a high prevalence of chronic pain within adult populations living in industrialized nations, and a substantial proportion of Canadian adults continue to live with chronic pain that is longstanding and severe. Expand
The Epidemiology of Traumatic Spinal Cord Injury in Alberta, Canada
Prevention strategies for SCI should target males of all ages, adolescents and young adults of both sexes, rural residents, motor vehicle collisions, and fall prevention for those older than 60 years. Expand
Utilization of health services following spinal cord injury: a 6-year follow-up study
People with SCI have greater rates of contact with the health system compared with the general population and place a heavy burden on the health care system. Expand
A Population-Based Survey of Back Pain Beliefs in Canada
Public back pain beliefs in the 2 Canadian provinces sampled are not in harmony with current scientific evidence for this highly prevalent condition, and strategies for reeducating the public are needed. Expand
Event Clusters: An Organization of Personal Events in Autobiographical Memory
The present study employed a method called event cuing to investigate the organization of autobiographical memory. The unique feature of this method is the use of event descriptions as retrievalExpand
Medication use and falls in community-dwelling older persons.
The study found that taking certain medications were independent predictors of sustaining an injurious fall in the elderly population - in addition to the risk associated with their medical condition. Expand
The high risk of stroke immediately after transient ischemic attack
Although stroke is common after TIA, the early risk is not predicted by clinical and demographic factors, andidated models to identify which patients require urgent intervention are needed. Expand
The association between childhood maltreatment and gambling problems in a community sample of adult men and women.
The association between childhood maltreatment and gambling problems was examined in a community sample of men and women (N = 1,372). As hypothesized, individuals with gambling problems reportedExpand