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Autodetection and chemistry of female and male pheromone in both sexes of the tiger moth Panaxia quadripunctaria
Abstract Female moths of Panaxia quadripunctaria PODA (Lepidoptera, Arctiidae), produce (Z,Z)-6,9-heneicosadiene (I) as the major and (Z,Z)-6,9-eicosadiene (II) as the minor component of a putativeExpand
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Soil properties and distributions of invertebrates and bacteria from King George Island (Arctowski Station), maritime Antarctic
Abstract Soils of the Admiralty Bay region at King George Island, maritime Antarctic are described and analysed for invertebrates and microorganisms. Results showed a great variety of soils:Expand
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The effect of spruce cone insects on seed production in Switzerland
Abstract: In 1989 and 1990, spruce cones were harvested at 29 sites distributed over the five main geographic regions of Switzerland, i.e. Jura, Central Plateau, North, Central and South Alps. TheExpand
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Soils of the southern circumpolar region and their classification
The results of recent soil studies in the southern circumpolar region are discussed. The development of podzolic soils in the coastal Antarctic region is described. The applicability of differentExpand
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Variation of carbon and nitrogen storage in soils of coastal continental Antarctica (Wilkes land)
Soil study in the area of Casey station, coastal Antarctica, proved that carbon and nitrogen pools in some coastal soils can reach considerable values. Spatial variability in the organic matterExpand
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