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A critique of the study of kinship
Schneider views kinship study as a product of Western bias and challenges its use as the universal measure of the study of social structure
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American Kinship: A Cultural Account
"American Kinship" is the first attempt to deal systematically with kinship as a system of symbols and meanings, and not simply as a network of functionally interrelated familial roles. SchneiderExpand
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217. The Nature of Kinship
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The Incest Taboo and the Mating Patterns of Animals
W jrE HAVE noted a new wave of interest in the theoretical and empirical study of the incest taboo. This is manifested by Slater's (1959) paper and by three papers on the subject at the AmericanExpand
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Sibling solidarity: A property of American kinship.
AMERICAN kinship has been described most fully in those aspects in which it differs from other social institutions. The nuclear family stands out from the occupational world like a figure on aExpand
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Kinship Terminology and the American Kinship System
THE American kinship system is marked by bilateral descent, and the nuclear family and the kindred are the basic kin groups. Marriage is monogamous, residence neolocal, and inheritance byExpand
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