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XTRA: A Natural-Language Access System to Expert Systems
Abstract The XTRA access system to expert systems is presented which is aimed at rendering the interaction with expert systems easier for inexperienced users. XTRA communicates with the user in aExpand
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Combining Deictic Gestures and Natural Language for Referent Identification
In virtually all current natural-language dialog systems, users can only refer to objexts by using linguistic descriptions. However, in human face-to-face conversation, participants frequently useExpand
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Generating multimodal output - conditions, advantages and problems
In natural communication situations, multimodel referent specification is frequent and efficient. The linguistic component are deictic expressions, e.g. 'this and 'here'. Extralinguistic devices inExpand
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Natural And Simulated Pointing
Referent identification in human conversation is performed both by describing the objects in question and by pointing at them. Up till now, only the linguistic component could be simulated in dialogExpand
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Integration of communicative hand movements into human-computer-interaction
During face-to-face communication, the dialog partners can see and hear each other. Each speaker produces a variety of phenomena parallel to speech. Some of them, e.g. intonation, are coded vocally,Expand
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Kognitive and semiotische Ressourcen fur die Wegfindung
SummaryThis paper investigates navigation in space with regard to the question of the extent to which cognitive resources (types of knowledge) and semiotic resources (types of signs) interact and areExpand
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Formulardeixis und ihre simulation auf dem bildschirm
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