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Human thermal comfort in summer within an urban street canyon in Central Europe
Regional climate models predict an intensification of extreme heat waves in Central Europe. Against this background, the significance of human-biometeorologically orientated urban planning strategiesExpand
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Heat and drought 2003 in Europe: a climate synthesis
Heat and drought were extreme in summer 2003 in Europe. Climatic data show that most extreme were maximum air temperatures in June and August; maps of these two months show a striking similarity inExpand
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Modelling the wind damage probability in forests in Southwestern Germany for the 1999 winter storm ‘Lothar’
The wind damage probability (PDAM) in the forests in the federal state of Baden-Wuerttemberg (Southwestern Germany) was calculated using weights of evidence (WofE) methodology and a logisticExpand
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Measuring and modelling plant area index in beech stands
Abstract For some beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) stands with different stand densities the plant area index (PAI) was measured by means of a Licor LAI-2000 plant canopy analyser. The stands are locatedExpand
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GIS-based estimation of the winter storm damage probability in forests: a case study from Baden-Wuerttemberg (Southwest Germany)
Data on storm damage attributed to the two high-impact winter storms ‘Wiebke’ (28 February 1990) and ‘Lothar’ (26 December 1999) were used for GIS-based estimation and mapping (in a 50 × 50 mExpand
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International Debt Shifting: Do Multinationals Shift Internal or External Debt?
Multinational companies can exploit the tax advantage of debt more aggressively than national companies by shifting debt from affiliates in low tax countries to affiliates in high tax countries.Expand
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Assessing environmental and physiological controls over water relations in a Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) stand through analyses of stable isotope composition of water and organic matter.
This study investigated the influence of meteorological, pedospheric and physiological factors on the water relations of Scots pine, as characterized by the origin of water taken up, by xylemExpand
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Microclimate within beech stands—part II: thermal conditions
Within the framework of an interdisciplinary project on the effects of climate and forest management on beech-dominated deciduous forests (Swabian Jura, south-western Germany), forest meteorologicalExpand
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Transfer pricing regulation and taxation of royalty payments
The digital economy is characterized by the use of intellectual property such as software, patents, and trademarks. The pricing of such intangibles is widely used to shift profits to low-taxExpand
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Debt Shifting and Thin-Capitalization Rules – German Experience and Alternative Approaches
Abstract This paper presents the general design of thin-capitalization rules and summarizes the economic effects of such rules as identified in theoretical models. We review empirical studiesExpand
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