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Starburst99: Synthesis Models for Galaxies with Active Star Formation
Starburst99 is a comprehensive set of model predictions for spectrophotometric and related properties of galaxies with active star formation. The models are an improved and extended version of the
A new calibration of stellar parameters of Galactic O stars
We present new calibrations of stellar parameters of O stars at solar metallicity taking non-LTE, wind, and line-blanketing effects into account. Gravities and absolute visual magnitudes are derived
On the properties of massive Population III stars and metal-free stellar populations
We present realistic models for massive Population III stars and stellar populations based on non-LTE model atmospheres, recent stellar evolution tracks and up-to-date evolutionary synthesis models,
Database of Geneva stellar evolution tracks and isochrones for (UBV) J (RI) C JHKLL'M, HST-WFPC2, Geneva and Washington photometric systems
We have used an updated version of the empirically and semi-empirically calibrated B a S e L library of synthetic stellar spectra of Lejeune et al.([CITE], [CITE]) and Westera et al.([CITE]) to
The transition from Population III to normal galaxies: Lyα and He II emission and the ionising properties of high redshift starburst galaxies
Using new sets of stellar evolution models at very low metallicities (Z = 10 −7 ,1 0 −5 ) and previously published grids we examine spectral properties of the ionising continua, the Lyman-break, and
New Models for Wolf-Rayet and O Star Populations in Young Starbursts
Using the latest stellar evolution models, theoretical stellar spectra, and a compilation of observed emission line strengths from Wolf-Rayet (W-R) stars, we construct evolutionary synthesis models
Evidence for PopIII-like Stellar Populations in the Most Luminous Lyman-α Emitters at the Epoch of Reionization: Spectroscopic Confirmation
Faint Lyman-$\alpha$ (Ly$\alpha$) emitters become increasingly rarer towards the re-ionisation epoch (z~6-7). However, observations from a very large (~5deg$^2$) Ly$\alpha$ survey at z=6.6 (Matthee
The Effects of Stellar Rotation. II. A Comprehensive Set of Starburst99 Models
We present a new set of synthesis models for stellar populations obtained with Starburst99 and based on new stellar evolutionary tracks with rotation. We discuss models with zero rotation velocity
Escape of about five per cent of Lyman-α photons from high-redshift star-forming galaxies
It is demonstrated that almost 90 per cent of star-forming galaxies emit insufficient Lyα to be detected by standard selection criteria, and it is shown that Lyα- and Hα-selection recovers populations that differ substantially in dust content and fesc.
STELIB: A library of stellar spectra at R 2000 ?;??
We present STELIB ? , a new spectroscopic stellar library, available at http://webast.ast.obs-mip.fr/stelib. STELIB consists of an homogeneous library of 249 stellar spectra in the visible range