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The normalization of AIDS in Western European countries.
The occurrence of AIDS led in every Western European country to exceptional innovations in prevention, patient care, health policy and questions of civil rights. This exception can be explained aboveExpand
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Realism, Rhetoric and the Possibility of Reform in Rousseau's Considerations on the Government of Poland
Rousseau's Considerations on the Government of Poland is generally deemed to be a practical rather than philosophical work, exemplifying Rousseau's willingness to compromise his own moral andExpand
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Reconsidering the Role of Sophie in Rousseau's "Emile"
Many commentators have pointed out that the character of Sophie in Emile does not possess the wholeness of a unified soul, and therefore lacks that which Rousseau holds up (at least for men) as theExpand
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Feminism and Liberalism Reconsidered: The Case of Catharine MacKinnon
  • D. Schaeffer
  • Sociology
  • American Political Science Review
  • 1 September 2001
Much of contemporary feminist theory presents itself as radically opposed to liberalism. Certain claims made by Catharine MacKinnon have contributed significantly to this view. In this article,Expand
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[Current Status of Medical Care for Nursing Home Residents in Germany - Results of an Empirical Study].
Following recent studies revealing deficits in general and specialised medical care of nursing home residents in Germany, the discussion on the quality of medical care of residents in residentialExpand
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The Utility of Ink: Rousseau and Robinson Crusoe
While scholars have argued that in Emile Rousseau uses Robinson Crusoe as a model of self-sufficiency to further his ideal of a “natural” man, this essay argues that Rousseau's presentation ofExpand
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Rousseau on Education, Freedom, and Judgment
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Attending to Time and Place in Rousseau's Legislative Art
In his Plan for a Constitution for Corsica , Rousseau recommends a series of institutional arrangements and psychological incentives designed to generate certain salutary opinions and behaviors onExpand
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