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Practical Statistics and Experimental Design for Plant and Crop Science
Preface. Basic Principles of Experimentation. Basic Statistical Calculations. Basic Data Summary. The Normal Distribution, the t--Distribution and Confidence Intervals. Introduction to HypothesisExpand
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Oilseed rape
Oilseed rape is currently the third most important crop in the UK after barley and wheat. Field experiments show that despite the already attractive yields the full potential of the crop has not yetExpand
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Rate of nitrogen and sulphur fertilizers on yield, yield components and seed quality of oilseed rape (brassica napus L.)
Abstract Two experiments were carried out to investigate the influences of nitrogen and sulphur fertilizers on the morphology, reproductive structures and seed quality of new cultivars of oilseedExpand
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The effect of varying seed rate on the yield and yield components of oil-seed rape ( Brassica napus )
Two varieties of oil-seed rape were drilled in 1979–81 at a range of seed rates. Percentage establishment, plant weight, height, and the ratio of seed to total aboveground dry matter were lower inExpand
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A reappraisal of stem reserve contribution to grain yield in spring barley ( Hordeum vulgare L.)
Pre-anthesis stem reserve contribution to grain yield was assessed in two spring barley cultivars of contrasting height. It was greatest in the taller, but final grain yields were similar.Expand
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Oilseed rape physiology
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The effect of paclobutrazol on plant height and seed yield of oil-seed rape ( Brassica napus L.)
The effect of paclobutrazol (applied at several concentrations and timings) on stem length and the seed yield of oil-seed rape was explored in three field trials during 1981–4. Spring applicationsExpand
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Field studies on 14C assimilate fixation and movement in oil-seed rape (B. napus)
The roles of leaves, stems and reproductive parts in 14 CO 2 fixation and its subsequent movement in winter oil-seed rape, cultivar Jet Neuf, were investigated in two field experiments carried out onExpand
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The effect of the plant growth retardant RSW0411 on assimilate distribution in evening primrose
Abstract The pattern of dry weight and carbon allocation was studied in the evening primrose crop Oenothera spp., from the commencement of flowering to maturity. Following 14CO2 exposure, leaves wereExpand
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Assimilation and distribution of 14C photosynthate in oilseed rape (Brassica Napus L.)
Abstract Labelled carbon dioxide as 14CO2 was fed to the terminal raceme and the topmost (flag) leaf of field grown rapeseed plants (Brassica napus L.) at different stages during reproductiveExpand
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