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Incorporation of Ga into the structure of Ge–Se glasses
Abstract The structure of Ga-containing Ge–Se glasses is studied by high-resolution X-ray photoelectron and extended X-ray absorption fine-structure spectroscopies. The results show that in Ga x Ge yExpand
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Demonstration of single crystal growth via solid-solid transformation of a glass
Many advanced technologies have relied on the availability of single crystals of appropriate material such as silicon for microelectronics or superalloys for turbine blades. Similarly, many promisingExpand
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Rotating lattice single crystal architecture on the surface of glass
Defying the requirements of translational periodicity in 3D, rotation of the lattice orientation within an otherwise single crystal provides a new form of solid. Such rotating lattice single (RLS)Expand
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Crystal structure of GdFeO3-type rare earth gallates and aluminates
Abstract The crystal structures of the lanthanum and neodymium gallates and yttrium aluminates, doped with neodymium and erbium were investigated by means of X-ray structure analysis (full profileExpand
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Low-temperature structural and Raman studies on rare-earth gallates
Measurements of lattice parameters and structural refinement were made for a ${\mathrm{LaGaO}}_{3},$ ${\mathrm{PrGaO}}_{3},$ ${\mathrm{NdGaO}}_{3},$Expand
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Crystal structure and thermal expansion of PrGaO3 in the temperature range 12–1253 K
Abstract Crystal structure and thermal expansion of PrGaO3 single crystal, obtained by the Czochralsky method, have been investigated by means of single crystal and high-resolution powder diffractionExpand
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Crystal structure of LaGaO3 and (La,Gd)GaO3 solid solutions
Abstract The LaGaO 3 crystal structure was investigated by means of X-ray structure analysis (powder diffractometer HZG-4, CuK α ): structure type GdFeO 3 , space group Pbnm, a =5.52299(8) A; bExpand
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Structure peculiarities of the La1−xNdxGaO3 solid solutions
Abstract The LaGaO 3 –NdGaO3 pseudobinary system was investigated in the concentration range 0–53 at.% Nd by means of X-ray structural and phase analysis. The La 1− x Nd x GaO 3 solid solutions existExpand
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Twinning in La0.95Sr0.05Ga0.9Mg0.1O2.92 crystal studied by white-beam (Laue) X-ray microdiffraction
The investigation of twin structure in La0.95Sr0.05Ga0.9Mg0.1O2.92 perovskite-type crystals has been undertaken using the technique of white-beam X-ray microdiffraction. The sample shows definiteExpand
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Strain at junctions in multidomain configurations
This article deals with the determination of multidomain configurations in ferroics taking into account the elastic compatibility of the neighbouring domains. The proposed method is based onExpand
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