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Functions of vanishing mean oscillation
A function of bounded mean oscillation is said to have vanish- ing mean oscillation if, roughly speaking, its mean oscillation is locally small, in a uniform sense. In the present paper the class of
Sub-Hardy Hilbert Spaces in the Unit Disk
Hilbert Spaces Inside Hilbert Spaces. Hilbert Spaces Inside H 2 . Cauchy Integral Representations. Nonextreme Points. Extreme Points. Angular Derivatives. Higher Derivatives. Equality of H(b) and
Algebraic properties of truncated Toeplitz operators
Compressions of Toeplitz operators to coinvariant subspaces of H2 are studied. Several characerizations of such operators are obtained; in particular, those of rank one are described. The paper is
Products of Toeplitz operators
A sufficient condition is found for the product of two Toeplitz operators to be a compact perturbation of a Toeplitz operator. The condition, which comprehends all previously known sufficient
Invariant subspaces and unstarred operator algebras.
It is proved in the present paper that if A is a normal Hubert space operator, and if the operator B leaves invariant every invariant subspace of A, then B belongs to the weakly closed algebra
Nearly Invariant Subspaces of the Backward Shift
A theorem of D. Hitt describing certain subspaces of H2 that miss by one dimension being invariant under the backward shift operator is given a new approach and extended.
Unbounded Toeplitz Operators
Abstract.This partly expository article develops the basic theory of unbounded Toeplitz operators on the Hardy space H2, with emphasis on operators whose symbols are not square integrable. Unbounded
Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation with boundary data
Versions of the Nevanlinna-Pick interpolation problem with boundary interpolation nodes and boundary interpolated values are investigated.