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Polyneuropathy while on duodenal levodopa infusion in Parkinson’s disease patients: we must be alert
Some reports have emerged describing the occurrence of Guillain-Barré syndrome and polyneuropathy related to vitamin B12 deficiency in some patients with Parkinson’s disease (PD) treated withExpand
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Modeling trophic dependencies and exchanges among insects’ bacterial symbionts in a host-simulated environment
BackgroundIndividual organisms are linked to their communities and ecosystems via metabolic activities. Metabolic exchanges and co-dependencies have long been suggested to have a pivotal role inExpand
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Suicide following duodenal levodopa infusion for Parkinson's disease
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The All-Rounder Sodalis: A New Bacteriome-Associated Endosymbiont of the Lygaeoid Bug Henestaris halophilus (Heteroptera: Henestarinae) and a Critical Examination of Its Evolution
Abstract Hemipteran insects are well-known in their ability to establish symbiotic relationships with bacteria. Among them, heteropteran insects present an array of symbiotic systems, ranging fromExpand
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Epidermal nevus syndrome associated with polyostotic fibrous dysplasia, CNS lipoma, and aplasia cutis.
Epidermal nevus syndrome is a rare congenital sporadic neurocutaneous disorder characterized by an epidermal nevus and various developmental abnormalities of the skin, eyes, nervous, cardiovascularExpand
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Frateuria defendens sp. nov., bacterium isolated from the yellows grapevine's disease vector Hyalesthes obsoletus.
A Dyella-like bacterium was previously isolated from the planthopper Hyalesthes obsoletus (Hemiptera). Based on its 16S rRNA gene sequence, strain DHoT was assigned to the family RhodanobacteraceaeExpand
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Dolor en la enfermedad de Parkinson:: prevalencia, características, factores asociados y relación con otros síntomas no motores, calidad de vida, autonomía y sobrecarga del cuidador
Introduccion. El dolor es un sintoma no motor muy frecuente en la enfermedad de Parkinson (EP), aunque infravalorado. Analizamos la prevalencia del dolor, caracteristicas, factores asociados y suExpand
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Experience with continuous levodopa enteral infusion (Duodopa®)in patients with advanced Parkinson's disease in a secondary level hospital
Abstract Introduction Continuous levodopa delivery by enteral infusion (Duodopa ® ) is an alternative to deep brain stimulation and subcutaneous apomorphine to control motor fluctuations andExpand
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