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Plutarch, Alexander, and the Discovery of Naphtha
P OPENS his Life of Alexander with a justly celebrated statement of the aims of the biographer. In contrast to the historian, the biographer is concerned solely with those incidents that reveal theExpand
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n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids after coronary artery bypass grafting.
BACKGROUND Despite the robust evidence of the potential benefits of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid (PUFA) supplementation in patients with established coronary artery disease, the impact of thisExpand
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Greek Drama and the Invention of Rhetoric
Preface Part One: What Drama Does and How It Does It 1. Setting the Stage 2. Seeing is Believing 3. The Muse Takes a Holiday 4. It s counterpoint, he countered, and pointed. 5. Illusion and CollusionExpand
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The Third Stasimon of the Oedipus Tyrannos
TflHE usual view of the brief ode which serves as the third stasimon (10861109) of Sophocles' Oedipus is summed up by Webster's description of it as one of the "cheerful choruses." 1 Its soleExpand
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The Survival of the Bronze-Age Demon
There exist numerous representations on Minoan and Mycenaean objects of creatures that have generally come to be known as "demons" or "genii." The material has been conveniently collected andExpand
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Iphigeneia Changes Her Mind
Already in antiquity readers of Euripides' I A found Iphigeneia's change of mind problematic.1 Notoriously, Aristotle {Poet. 1454a26-33) cited Euripides' heroine as the example of a tragic characterExpand
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The Date of Herodotus' Publication
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Heracles at the Y
The article seeks to show that, contrary to the standard view, the 'Choice of Heracles' preserved at Xen. Mem. 2.1.21-33 is not a summary or paraphrase, but is a very close approximation to theExpand
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Greek Athletics and the Genesis of Sport
How is sport in contemporary society related to sport in earlier civilizations? Why is the expenditure of energy involved in sport considered exhilarating, while the equivalent expenditure of energyExpand
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