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Phylogeny of the Paniceae (Poaceae: Panicoideae): integrating plastid DNA sequences and morphology into a new classification
Included in the PACMAD clade of the family Poaceae (Panicoideae, Arundinoideae, Chloridoideae, Micrairoideae, Aristidoideae, Danthonioideae), the tribe Paniceae s.l. is one of the largest tribes ofExpand
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Molecular phylogeny of the subtribe Melinidinae (Poaceae: Panicoideae: Paniceae) and evolutionary trends in the homogenization of inflorescences.
The subtribe Melinidinae (Poaceae: Panicoideae: Paniceae) includes 14 genera that present the PCK photosynthetic subtype in addition to several other unique and also common characters. The purpose ofExpand
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Diversification patterns in the CES clade (Brassicaceae tribes Cremolobeae, Eudemeae, Schizopetaleae) in Andean South America
Dated molecular phylogenetic trees show that the Andean uplift had a major impact on South American biodiversity. For many Andean groups, accelerated diversification (radiation) has been documented.Expand
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Climatic niche evolution in the Andean genus Menonvillea (Cremolobeae: Brassicaceae)
The study of how climatic niches change over evolutionary time has recently attracted the interest of many researchers. Different methodologies have been employed principally to analyze the temporalExpand
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Extraction and characterization of polygalacturonase of Fomes sclerodermeus produced by solid-state fermentation.
Polygalacturonase (PG) production by Fomes sclerodermeus using solid-state fermentation (SSF) was carried out. Maximal PG activity (26 U/gdw) was obtained between days 11 and 13 at the end ofExpand
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Molecular Phylogeny and Morphological Analysis of Tetraglochin (Rosaceae: Rosoideae: Sanguisorbeae) and Recognition of the New Species T. andina
Abstract Tetraglochin is distributed along the Andes from Peru to southern Argentina and central Chile. In order to test its monophyly and analyze relationships among species of this genus and alliedExpand
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Molecular phylogenetics of tribe Eudemeae (Brassicaceae) and implications for its morphology and distribution.
Tribe Eudemeae comprises a morphologically heterogeneous group of genera distributed along the Andes of South America from Colombia southward into southern Chile and Argentina. The tribe currentlyExpand
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Revision and tribal placement of the Argentinean genus Parodiodoxa (Brassicaceae)
Parodiodoxa is a monotypic genus of Brassicaceae endemic to northwestern Argentina. It is poorly known and until now remained the only South American genus of the family that had not been assigned toExpand
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