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Structure of sodium hydrogen (+)-tartrate monohydrate
The structure of the title compound comprises a network polymer involving all tartrate O atoms (except the protonated carboxyl O atom) in bonding to four separate sodium complex centres. The waterExpand
Vinyl ether hydrolysis. 9. Isotope effects on proton transfer from the hydronium ion
Rates of vinyl ether hydrolysis catalyzed by the hydronium ion are reported for 14 substrates in H/sub 2/O solution and for 20 substrates in D/sub 2/O solution. These results, together with dataExpand
Unusual hydrate stabilization in the two-dimensional layered structure of quinacrinium bis(2-carboxy-4,5-dichlorobenzoate) tetrahydrate, a proton-transfer compound of the drug quinacrine.
This structure represents the third example of a simple quinacrine derivative for which structural data are available but differs from the other two in that it is unstable in the X-ray beam due to efflorescence, probably associated with the destruction of the unusual four-membered water chain structures. Expand
Group 15 Complexes with α-Hydroxy Carboxylic Acids: 7. The Preparation and Structure Determination of Sodium (+)-Tartrato Arsenate(III), [Na8As10(C4H2O6)8(C4H3O6)2(H2O)19]n; Silver(I) (+)-Tartrato
The structures of sodium (+)-tartrato arsenate(III),[Na8As10(C4H2O6)8(C4H3O6)2(H2O)19]n(1), silver (+)-tartrato arsenate(III),[Ag9As10(C4H2O6)9(C4H3O6)(H4As2O5)(H2O)10](2) and rubidium citratoExpand
The complex chemistry of N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine (glyphosate): preparation and characterization of the ammonium, lithium, sodium (4 polymorphs) and silver(I) complexes
A series of complexes with the herbicide glyphosate [N-(phosphonomethyl)glycine = H3L] has been synthesized and characterized using infrared spectroscopy, and in the case of five of these, by singleExpand
The Preparation and Crystal Structure of Ammonium Bis[citrato(3-)]cuprate(II)
The copper(II) complex with citric acid (NH4)4 [Cu(C6H5O7)2] has been prepared, and its structure determined by X-ray diffraction, giving a residual R 0.035 for 1208 observed reflections. CrystalsExpand
Preparation and crystal structure of polymeric ammonium silver(I) citrate hydrate, {NH4[Ag2(C6H5O7)(H2O)]}n
Abstract The polymeric silver(I) citrate complex {NH4[Ag2(C6H5O7)(H2O)]}n has been synthesized and its structure determined by X-ray diffraction methods and refined to R = 0.046 for 2520 observedExpand
Structure of polymeric antimony silver (I) (+)-tartrate
The low-temperature (163 K) structure of the silver(I) complex with antimony(III)(+)-tartrate has been determined by X-ray methods and refined to a residual R of 0.027 for 2926 observed reflections.Expand