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Continental-scale patterns of canopy tree composition and function across Amazonia
The world's greatest terrestrial stores of biodiversity and carbon are found in the forests of northern South America, where large-scale biogeographic patterns and processes have recently begun to beExpand
An analysis of the floristic composition and diversity of Amazonian forests including those of the Guiana Shield
A large number of newly published and unpublished hectare plots in Amazonia and the Guiana Shield area allow an analysis of family composition and testing of hypotheses concerning alpha-diversity inExpand
Hyperdominance in the Amazonian Tree Flora
Introduction Recent decades have seen a major international effort to inventory tree communities in the Amazon Basin and Guiana Shield (Amazonia), but the vast extent and record diversity of theseExpand
Tree Diversity in Tropical Rain Forests: A Validation of the Intermediate Disturbance Hypothesis
The “intermediate disturbance hypothesis,” which postulates maximum diversity at intermediate regimes of disturbance, has never been clearly proved to apply to species-rich tropical forest treeExpand
A spatial model of tree α-diversity and tree density for the Amazon
Large-scale patterns of Amazonian biodiversity have until now been obscured by a sparse and scattered inventory record. Here we present the first comprehensive spatial model of tree α-diversity andExpand
Persistent effects of pre-Columbian plant domestication on Amazonian forest composition
Past human influences on Amazonian forest The marks of prehistoric human societies on tropical forests can still be detected today. Levis et al. performed a basin-wide comparison of plantExpand
The influence of soil cover organization on the floristic and structural heterogeneity of a Guianan rain forest
The impact of soil cover organization on the forest community has been studied in a 19-ha tract at Piste de St Elie station in French Guiana. 195 species each represented by at least 10 individualsExpand
Using functional traits and phylogenetic trees to examine the assembly of tropical tree communities
Summary 1. Niche theory proposes that species differences underlie both coexistence within communities and the differentiation in species composition among communities via limiting similarity andExpand
Contrasting taxonomic and functional responses of a tropical tree community to selective logging
Summary 1. Considerable debate surrounds the extent to which tropical forests can be managed for resource extraction while conserving biodiversity and ecosystem properties, which depend on functionalExpand
Steege Hyperdominance in the Amazonian Tree Flora
, (2013); 342 Science et al. Hans ter Steege Hyperdominance in the Amazonian Tree Flora This copy is for your personal, non-commercial use only. clicking here. colleagues, clients, or customers by ,Expand