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Status and implications of the invasion of tamarisk (Tamarix aphylla) on the Finke River, Northern Territory, Australia.
This study examines the occurrence, impact and implications of tamarisk invasion in the Finke River. We consider that the key factors in maintaining or changing the composition and structure of the
Effect of grazing by cattle on the abundance of grasshoppers on fescue grassland.
If different intensities of grazing affect the densities of various species of grasshoppers on native fescue rangeland is determined to determine if changes in the vegetative cover should result in changes in grasshopper populations.
Utilization of Food Plants by the Migratory Grasshopper, Melanoplus Bilituratus (Walker) (Orthoptera: Acrididae), with Some Observations on the Nutritional Value of the Plants
Grasshoppers were fed individually on either wheat, western wheat grass, or oats for 40 days after hatching, and the various criteria indicate that wheat is a good food; that oats is a poor food only because the grasshoppers do not eat enough; and that western Wheat grass is apoor food, possibly because of a deficiency in nutrients.
Rediscovery of Chioides Marmorosa in Cuba (Lepidoptera: Hesperiidae).
The endemic Cuban skipper Chioides marmorosa, unrecorded for over seventy years, has been rediscovered at a site in La Habana Province and the habitat, flight behavior, and possible larval foodplant and voltinism of the butterfly are discussed.
Butterflies of the Hunza Region, Northern Pakistan and Adjacent Afghanistan.
The virtually unknown butterfly fauna of the western Karakoram, centered on the Hunza Valley, with extremely difficult terrain and with precipitous mountain slopes and many peaks of 20,000ft to
A geographic mosaic of trophic interactions and selection: trees, aphids and birds
How plant genotype‐based trophic interactions and patterns of natural selection change across environments are examined in cottonwood tree, Populus angustifolia, galling aphid, Pemphigus betae and its avian predators.