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Triazine–pyrimidine based molecular hybrids: synthesis, docking studies and evaluation of antimalarial activity
A series of novel triazine–pyrimidine hybrids have been synthesized and evaluated for their in vitro antimalarial activity. Some of the compounds showed promising antimalarial activity against bothExpand
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Synthesis and anticancer activity evaluation of resveratrol–chalcone conjugates
A series of novel resveratrol–chalcone conjugates have been synthesized. Four compounds were evaluated for their anticancer activity against 60 human cancer cell lines. Among all the derivatives,Expand
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Noscapine and Its Analogues as Anti-Cancer Agents
Noscapine, a phthalideisoquinoline alkaloid, originally supposed to be a medicinally insignif- icant constituent of the opium poppy until the discovery of its anti-tussive properties in the 1960s, isExpand
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Synthesis, antimalarial activity, heme binding and docking studies of 4-aminoquinoline–pyrimidine based molecular hybrids
A series of novel 4-aminoquinoline–pyrimidine hybrids was synthesized and evaluated for their antimalarial activity. Several compounds showed potent antimalarial activity against both CQ-sensitiveExpand
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RGO/ZnO Nanocomposite: An Efficient, Sustainable, Heterogeneous, Amphiphilic Catalyst for Synthesis of 3-Substituted Indoles in Water
A nanocomposite consisting of reduced graphene oxide and zinc oxide nanoparticles (RGO/ZnO) with unique structural features was developed as an efficient, sustainable, amphiphilic, heterogeneousExpand
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Metal-ligand charge-transfer-promoted photoelectronic Bergman cyclization of copper metalloenediynes: photochemical DNA cleavage via C-4' H-atom abstraction.
Metal-to-ligand charge-transfer (MLCT) photolyses (lambda > or = 395 nm) of copper complexes of cis-1,8-bis(pyridin-3-oxy)oct-4-ene-2,6-diyne (bpod, 1), [Cu(bpod)(2)]PF(6) (2), andExpand
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Synthesis, antimalarial activity and cytotoxicity of substituted 3,6-diphenyl-[1,2,4,5]tetraoxanes.
Substituted tetraoxanes with different substitution pattern on the aromatic ring were synthesized in order to explore the influence of different substituents in the antimalarial activity.Expand
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Synthesis and Antimalarial-Activity Evaluation of TetraoxaneTriazine Hybrids and Spiro[piperidine-4,3′-tetraoxanes]
A series of tetraoxanetriazine hybrids and spiro[piperidine-4,3′-tetraoxanes] have been synthesized, and all the compounds were screened for in vitro antimalarial activity againstExpand
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