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Map-reduce-merge: simplified relational data processing on large clusters
Map-Reduce is a programming model that enables easy development of scalable parallel applications to process a vast amount of data on large clusters of commodity machines. Through a simple interfaceExpand
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Detection of Mutual Inconsistency in Distributed Systems
Many distributed systems are now being developed to provide users with convenient access to data via some kind of communications network. In many cases it is desirable to keep the system functioningExpand
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The Cognitive Atlas: Toward a Knowledge Foundation for Cognitive Neuroscience
Cognitive neuroscience aims to map mental processes onto brain function, which begs the question of what “mental processes” exist and how they relate to the tasks that are used to manipulate andExpand
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Landmarks: a new model for similarity-based pattern querying in time series databases
In this paper we present the landmark model, a model for time series that yields new techniques for similarity-based time series pattern querying. The landmark model does not follow traditionalExpand
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Logic Programming and Databases
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Notes on Shuffle/Exchange-Type Switching Networks
  • D. S. Parker
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Computers
  • 1 March 1980
In this paper a number of properties of Shuffle/Exchange networks are analyzed. A set of algebraic tools is developed and is used to prove that Lawrie's inverse Omega network, Pease's indirect binaryExpand
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An Equivalence Between Relational Database Dependencies and a Fragment of Propositional Logic
It is known that there is an eqmvalence between functional dependencies m a relatmonal database and a certain fragment of proposmonal logic Thins eqmvalence is extended to include both functional andExpand
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The Gamma Network
The Gamma network is an interconnection network connecting N = 2n inputs to N outputs. It is a multistage network with N switches per stage, each of which is a 3 input, 3 output crossbar. The stagesExpand
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Topic dynamics: an alternative model of bursts in streams of topics
For some time there has been increasing interest in the problem of monitoring the occurrence of topics in a stream of events, such as a stream of news articles. This has led to different models ofExpand
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