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The Costs of Low Birth Weight
Birth weight has emerged as the leading indicator of infant health and welfare and the central focus of infant health policy. This is because low birth weight (LBW) infants experience severe healthExpand
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Do Voters Affect or Elect Policies? Evidence from the U. S. House
There are two fundamentally different views of the role of elections in policy formation. In one view, voters can affect candidates' policy choices: competition for votes induces politicians to moveExpand
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The Electoral Advantage to Incumbency and Voters' Valuation of Politicians' Experience: A Regression Discontinuity Analysis of Elections to the U.S..
Using data on elections to the United States House of Representatives (1946-1998), this paper exploits a quasi-experiment generated by the electoral system in order to determine if politicalExpand
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Modelling atmospheric mercury transport and deposition across Europe and the UK
There are inadequate measurements of surface ambient concentrations of mercury species and their deposition rates for the UK deposition budget to be characterized. In order to estimate the overallExpand
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Wage Inequality in the U.S. during the 1980s: Rising Dispersion or Falling Minimum Wage?
Inequality in the unconditional distribution of observed wage rates in the U.S. rose substantially during the 1980s, mostly in the lower tail of the distribution. The causes of this rising wageExpand
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Managers' Trading Around Stock Repurchases
The authors analyze personal open market trades by managers around stock repurchases by tender offer. With the exception of Dutch auction offers, managers trade their firm's shares prior toExpand
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Firm failure and managerial labor markets Evidence from Texas banking
We study the managerial labor market's ability to discriminate between good and bad managerial performance. Using a sample of failed and non-failed Texas banks (matched by geographic location andExpand
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Ownership Studies: The Data Source Does Matter
We examine the fit between the ownership data provided by four surrogate databases and the data collected from proxy statements. Expand
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The Conditional Nature of the Value of Corporate Governance
Agency theory suggests that governance matters more among firms with greater potential agency costs. Rational investors are unlikely to value safeguards against unlikely events. Yet, few studies ofExpand
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The impacts of aviation on the atmosphere
This paper describes the current status of knowledge regarding the impact of aviation on the atmosphere. The growth of the aviation industry is likely to continue in the future and at present thereExpand
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