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Phosphorus-limited growth of a green alga and a blue-green alga.
The phosphorus-limited growth kinetics of the chlorophyte Scenedesmus quadricauda and the cyanophyte Synechococcus Nägeli were studied by using batch and continuous culturing techniques. TheExpand
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Effect of temperature and fungicides on survival of corn grown from kernels infected with Helminthosporium maydis.
Kernels of corn infected with Helminthosporium and transferred to 24 C. Seedlings that started growth at maydis race T and sown early in May in the field resulted 18 C wilted 17-21%, but those thatExpand
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Comparison of Fusarium Populations In Grasslands of Minnesota and Iceland
Six species of Fusarium were found in both Minnesota and Icelandic soils; F. oxysporum predominated in Minnesota but F. roseum predominated in Iceland. The order of prevalence of Fusarium spp.Expand
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Competition between heterotrophic and autotrophic microplankton for dissolved nutrients
When a heterotrophic (Rhodotorula rubra) and a phototrophic (Selenastrum capricornutum) plankton were grown together in dilute phosphate (Pi) continuous cultures, coexistence occurred only when theExpand
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Responses of Plants to Submicron Acid Aerosols
A continuous flow system for exposing vegetation to submicron sulfuric acid aerosols was developed. The aerosols were mechanically produced using a nebulization-impaction-neutralization process.Expand
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Assessment of reduced productivity of agricultural and forested ecosystems due to insects, diseases, weather, and other elements of the environment has been the subject of research for over 100Expand